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The word 'Shosha' stems from the Japanese word that signifies 'Victory'. And that is exactly what each player needs to achieve to start earning the valuable Shosha tokens.

Shosha is a platform that provides gamers and cryptocurrency investors with the opportunity to play our triple-A game and wager against each other using the currency we use in our ecosystem - Shosha tokens.

With the joint effort of game developers and cryptocurrency experts, we have worked around the clock to develop 'Slaughtr', our triple-A, player vs player (PvP), 3D first-person shooter game.

Players can square up against each other and start earning Shosha tokens. Shosha tokens can then be used to buy and upgrade the player’s character and vehicle, which will make you more difficult to defeat.

Aside from the first-person shooter game, players will also be able to play poker, soccer, and race against other players in the community.



Slaughtr is a 3D first-shooter cross-platform game for iOS, Android, and PC, where Shosha token holders can battle against each other and earn rewards with real-life value in real-time.

A Triple-A Game

With the combined effort of crypto experts and game developers, the entire team that stands behind Shosha works relentlessly around the clock to develop Slaughtr - one of 2022's most aesthetically pleasing triple-A video games of the year.

The first edition of the 3D cross-platform shooter is set to release at the end of 2022, allowing Shosha token holders to play the game and wager in real-time for the first time ever.

Using their winnings, players can either spend the tokens on in-game upgrades or freely trade Shosha tokens on exchanges that support Shosha.

Access to the Blockchain Through Your Phone

Players will be able to use their mobile phones to connect to their Shosha wallet. From there, each player will be able to wager, upgrade, and play a fair game of Slaughtr and potential win rewards in real-time.

Play to Earn Mechanism

Slaughtr isn't like any other video game out there. The whole game is designed around wagering players from the Shosha community and battling it out face to face. The winner takes all. It's that simple.



Provably Fair, High Quality Games Platform

You can buy Shosha token on several blockchain. Here below you can the links to the several exchanges:



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Read more about Shosha and what we are set out to achieve with this project in English and Spanish.







With Shosha, we created an ecosystem where players can wager against each other using Shosha tokens. Those tokens can then be used for both the Shosha NFT marketplace and the Slaughtr game.

In the virtual world, players have always shown interest in purchasing in-game items. The problem with that is those digital items hardly had any tangible value outside of the game - until today. In Slaughtr, we will introduce in-game NFTs, which will allow players to own and control their digital assets like never before.

Thanks to the blockchain technology that stands behind NFTs, digital items can now be owned by players and hold actual real-life value. This way, players will be able to freely sell or trade their digital assets in the open NFT marketplace.

The Shosha NFT marketplace will consist of game characters, skins, buildings, roads, and other upgradable gear exclusive to Slaughtr. Players will soon be able to purchase these launchpad NFTs and convert them into Shosha tokens at the end of the presale.

Players, holders, and collectors of these NFTs will have exclusive access to play the Slaughtr game using their custom-made character. (The first version of Slaughtr is expected in December 2022)



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The team behind Shosha comprises of skilled, talented, and forward-thinking game developers and cryptocurrency experts. With our joint effort, we’re set to build a one-of-a-kind hybrid project that brings the worlds of crypto and gaming together.

Angelo Zichem

Game Developer

Mustafa Balcı

Frontend Developer

Max Haxe

Community Manager

Onur Akyay

Funding & Partner

Zain Ul Abedeen

Blockchain Game Developer



Who is behind Shosha?

The Shosha platform was founded by the joint effort of game developers and cryptocurrency experts who shared a common goal - create an AAA game - Slaughtr, which merges the worlds of the gaming industry and cryptocurrency together for the first time.

Why Was Shosha Created?

There’s no secret that monetizing video games and allowing players to win actual money is far more interesting than stacking digital in-game cash that holds no real-world value.

With the rapid growth of the gaming and cryptocurrency industry, it was only a matter of time before a video game involving crypto was made. And we wanted to be one of the first.

The Shosha platform was created with the goal of allowing gaming and cryptocurrency to come together so crypto and gaming enthusiasts can battle it out and earn an actual income through the Shosha platform.

What Makes Shosha Tokens Valuable?

To give you an accurate representation of why Shosha tokens are valuable, we’ll use Bitcoin as an example.

There's a lot of demand for Bitcoin. In combination with the increased attention to Bitcoin and the scarcity of Bitcoins circulating the market at any one time makes the currency even more valuable and thus more expensive.

It's the same with Shosha tokens. There will only ever be 88.888.888 Shosha tokens in circulation for the rest of time. Over the years, as the market attention to Shosha continues to grow, more and more players will want to buy Shosha tokens. And the more demand there is for the token, the more it will cost to obtain.

If you're lucky enough to obtain Shosha tokens during the presale, you have the best opportunity to come out on top and potentially make a lot of money in the foreseeable future.

How Can Players Make Money While Playing Shosha?

The ecosystem behind Shosha allows players to bet against each other using Shosha tokens before each battle. The player that wins keeps it all while the loser walks away with nothing. To ensure that the game is completely fair, we have been working with some of the best game developers in the industry.

Why Did You Choose the Algorand Blockchain?

Though we have plans on using multiple blockchains in the future, at the moment, the Algorand blockchain made the most sense for us, our users, and investors. Besides, since the Shosha platform will be required to handle thousands of transactions every second, Algorand stood out as the most credible way of sending and receiving credit.