Who are we? About Shosha

Delighted to meet you! Shosha, a dynamic team of Netherlands-based professional game developers, welcomes you to explore our extraordinary project and embark on an exhilarating journey with us!

Shosha distinguishes itself through an innovative approach. Our game strategically engages players within the Shosha community in intense head-to-head battles.

In our competitive arena, the victor claims it all—keeping it simple and exciting. Brace yourself for an unmatched gaming adventure that awaits you! Explore the thrill with Shosha.


Meet Max Haxe, our visionary CTO blending mechanical engineering precision with an insatiable curiosity for crypto. Armed with a successful graduate degree, Max possesses finely tuned technical skills and exceptional problem-solving prowess. 

His journey into crypto reflects not just a career choice but a deep-seated passion. With an analytical mind, he embraces the intricacies of blockchain technology and digital currencies, navigating complexities and fueling exploration into new territories. Max brings a unique blend of technical acumen and a pioneering spirit, leading with innovation and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

Leading UE5 Blockchain Developer Bruno

Introducing Bruno, our Senior C++ Programmer at Shosha.io, with a standout focus on UE4, UE5, and Blockchain development. Bruno’s expertise shines through his role in crafting a dedicated C++ Core SDK library for Blockchain, seamlessly integrated into UE5 projects. With proficiency in C++, CMake, and Blueprint, Bruno brings a dynamic blend of skills to our team.

His achievements include CMAKE build script development, extensive C++ unit testing, and successful implementation of a Wallet Connect Provider using QR codes within UE5. Bruno’s versatile experience at Wisdom Labs, California, showcases his adept source code management using Git, Github, and Asana.

CGD/Technical Lead Sanket

Meet our Chief Game Developer (CGD), a seasoned professional with 5 years of expertise in the dynamic world of game development. From OpenAI ChatGPT integration to mastery in Unity and Unreal engines, our CGD is at the forefront of technological innovation.

Their proficiency spans multiplayer gaming, AWS – Amazon GameLift, and in-app purchases, creating an unparalleled gaming experience. A master of both technical intricacies and project management, our CGD’s commitment to excellence ensures cutting-edge results and elevates gaming to new heights.


Meet our Chief Game Developer – Creative Director (CGD-CD), a seasoned professional with a rich 3-year history in game development, specializing in Unreal Engine. Renowned for exceptional creativity, they utilize blueprints to craft visually stunning environments and weave captivating narratives.

As a master storyteller, the CGD-CD orchestrates masterpieces in Unreal Engine, combining technical precision with artistic finesse. In their world, games are not products; they are symphonies of emotion and visual poetry. Join us on a journey curated by our CGD-CD, where each Unreal Engine creation becomes a unique work of art.

advisor algorand chain Algo

Meet Algosparks, a distinguished advisor at Shosha, bringing a wealth of expertise in product development, marketing, and business consulting. With a discerning eye for innovation, Algosparks provides invaluable feedback on Shosha’s initiatives, ensuring strategic alignment and fostering growth.

His insights play a pivotal role in shaping Algorand chain integrations, reflecting a commitment to excellence and forward-thinking solutions.

President/CMO Angelo

Meet Angelo Zichem, CEO of Shosha — a seasoned professional renowned for his composure in challenging environments. With a diverse background in game development, animations, and marketing, Angelo has held pivotal roles in international giants such as Ahold, Shell, Robin Ruth, and Accenture.

Angelo’s impressive track record underscores his ability to navigate stressful situations, coupled with a keen sense of innovation and extensive experience. This positions him as a steadfast leader propelling Shosha to new heights in the gaming industry. His leadership style, characterized by a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking, fosters a  dynamic environment.

Where magic is happening Our Workforce

Our team, based in the Netherlands, operates predominantly in a remote capacity. Nevertheless, we do take the initiative to come together periodically to foster a sense of brotherhood within our group.

Our Contacts and SocialsHow to Find Us

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