How are we doing? 2024 Milestone Achievements

2024 Milestone Achievements

Join our journey of success and growth! 🚀 Explore the 2024 Milestone Achievements: A Year in Review. Celebrate achievements, milestones, and progress.

Latest personal update from the team:

Monthly update

Total Progress MVP

Guns and gear Marketplace

Progress NFT Marketplace

Website Development Completed: Marketplace and Wallet Implementation Awaited

The development of the Shosha website has been successfully completed. However, we’re eagerly awaiting the implementation of the Marketplace and wallet connection functionalities. While we have received assurances from our colleague @Mustafa for a specific timeline, there seems to be a delay. We kindly urge @Onur to review the progress or consider alternate arrangements for the Marketplace implementation.

integration Ue5/algo

Progress ue5/algorand sdk

Algorand Foundation Engagement and SDK Update

We’ve established contact with the Algorand Foundation regarding the Unreal/Algorand SDK. @Max As of 22/12/2023, the SDK’s finalization seems to be encountering delays, potentially linked to issues with the creator of the SDK. While this is a crucial aspect of our project, the lack of updates from both the foundation and Wisdom Labs is a concern.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the Unreal/Algorand SDK timeline, we’ve decided to temporarily pause its development till we hear from Min Wei from the Foundation. Staci Warden has been messaged as well regarding the issue. @Angelo Update: As of December 29, 2023, I’ve communicated with Staci and Min. In brief, we need to await the conclusion of the holiday season for further developments. 

On January 11, 2024, we were contacted by Min Wei of the Algorand Foundation, who arranged a meeting with both Min Wei and John Woods on January 18, 2024. Following the meeting, we will share our assessment of the Algorand/UE5 SDK here.

The future is Multichain

Progress Multichain

Multichain implementation

In 2023, we’re innovating with Multichain capabilities during the Unreal/Algorand SDK pause. Guided by @angelo, our focus includes chain research, SDK creation, contracts, and media for a seamless launch on other EVM chains.

Polygon BSC and Vechain are our chosen winners, balancing popularity and transaction speed below 15 seconds. This milestone underscores our commitment to leading in blockchain technology.

Creation of Characters

Progress MVP

Character Creation

Exciting news! Character creation is now finalized in 2023, marking a significant milestone. However, our commitment to innovation persists.

While completed, the process remains ongoing, with a focus on crafting custom characters that push the boundaries of creativity and personalization, ensuring a consistently fresh and unique gaming experience for our users.

Implementation User interface

Progress UI

User Interface

update on our user interface development. Currently, the login interface is approx 75% complete, awaiting finalization pending the completion of the wallet connect functionality.

In parallel, the in-game buttons and GUI have been designed and are currently in the implementation phase. This step-by-step approach ensures a systematic integration of these elements into our game, contributing to a functional and user-friendly interface. as of 6/1/2024 final buttons have been created and are now being implemented.

New day new world MAP creation

Progress Map creation

Creation of Gaming Map

 successful completion and optimization of our game map—a significant milestone in our development journey.

While the map is now 100% finalized and optimized, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Ongoing updates and expansions are planned to ensure a dynamic and evolving gaming environment.

Connecting gamers Wallet connect

Progress Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect

Amid the UE5/Algo SDK pause, our wallet connect feature, including Algorand integration, is temporarily on hold.

During this period, we’re actively implementing wallet connect, Metamask and researching other popular wallets for future integration with UE5.

The magic Game logic

Progress Game Logic

Logic & Algorithm

in our FPS game development, where meticulous game logic ensures an engaging experience has almost finalized.

From responsive player controls and realistic combat mechanics to intelligent enemy AI and dynamic level design, every detail contributes to a polished and immersive adventure. This accomplishment extends to robust health systems, informative HUDs, and seamless multiplayer capabilities. .

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